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Masashi Ohira received his Ph.D.! He also won the Dean's Award.

Masashi Ohira has received his Ph.D. from the University of Tokyo. Congratulations to him!

Masashi Ohira also received the Dean's Award (Research), from the Graduate School of Engineering, The University of Tokyo, for his research achievements in the doctoral program. Congratulations again!

We have worked with Dr. Ohira for more than six years since we were in the Shibayama laboratory at the Institute for Solid State Physics, The University of Tokyo. He came to Hokkaido University with Dr. Tsuji and Dr. Gupit, who were students then, and helped us set up our laboratory. I am very grateful for their kind help.

Starting next year, Dr. Ohira will continue his research in our laboratory as a postdoctoral researcher under the International Leading Research Program. But he will soon seek his new research project abroad. We wish him a happy future as a world-leading researcher.



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